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I've got voices.

Nicole Martino

Height: 5'6" • Weight 125 lb. • Hair: Brown • Eyes: Brown • Non-Union

Nicole Martino is an actress, writer, and director from Boston, MA. A YouTuber since 2011, her account has over one million+ video views for her english adaptations of anime songs as well as her impersonations of various characters. In college she acted in, produced, and directed various theatrical productions, student films, and independent projects before signing up for a variety of voiceover classes with veteran voice actors Tony Oliver, Crispin Freeman, Brittany Lauda, and Ethyn Guiterrez. 

In 2014, her talents got her noticed by the Emmy Award winning studio Bang Zoom Entertainment, where she placed as a semi-finalist (the top 16) in The Perfect Idol Show, a contest searching for the next biggest animation voice talent, directed by Mami Okada, Patrick Seitz, and Keith Silverstein. Soon after Nicole recorded for her first professional acting credit in New Jersey for the animation Ladies Versus Butlers

She continues to pursue acting with a full heart and hopes her passions can inspire others. Follow Nicole on Social Media for updates about new projects!


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